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Save time by connecting directly to local product and service providers.

We are continually improving the way we locate products and services on the intranet. All of our listed websites now have a quick and easy image click for faster results using recognized images or logos. As a valuable consumer your time is precious and now you have a resource that is better than searching through hundreds or thousands of text link results. Find what you need simply by selecting a category and clicking the website image.

This direct approach allows you the consumer to find the product or service that you want with a much better solution than the hassle of searching through page after page of search engines results that only sometimes relates to your specific needs.

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For the Businesses

Your account is unique here at because each advertisement includes a quick and easy "image link" plus "a full web page about your business". This process lets new and existing customers recognize your company logo and gives them a direct connection to your business.

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In addition please remember that multiple links to your website on the internet can increase your organic search engine rankings.

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Why use Web Pages Today?

With the other systems you "pay per click" which can quickly become a costly mistake. We are the home of unlimited clicks which is why you will find this method to be much better for a controlled budget.

If you have a product or a service business then you should consider creating a listing here to help your businesses get additional views. Web Pages Today answers the question... "Where do I advertise my website?" or "Where do I list my website?" With us setting up a new internet ad is extremely easy and we believe that it should be.